Solar Eclipse, 99.5%

Today I witnessed a nearly total solar eclipse of the sun. While I wish I could have made it to the path of totality, the experience was still amazing and strange. As the sun faded, the temperature dropped and the quality of the light shifted to something I had never seen before. It was like being on an alien plant with a dim and cool sun. Right at the point of maximum coverage, light ripples moved across the ground, like a reflection from moving water. These photos are from the pinhole effect of light passing through the leaves of trees. They show the crescent of the sun still visible from behind the moon. This was truly an amazing experience that I hope to someday have again!

Cedar Flats Trail, WA

Spring Storm

Today, there was a rare spring wind storm that swept across the Pacific Northwest. Trees came down, hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power, and I was left in awe of the power of nature. Here is a photo from after the storm had passed, leaving us with dark ominous clouds.