A Day of Sorrow and Hope

I can’t even begin to express my sadness and despair following yesterday’s tragic events in my home of Portland, Oregon. I know this is part of a much larger sickness in our culture and around the world, but every person lost to hate is a loss that should never have been. I applaud those who stood up to evil and so heartbroken that they lost their lives in process. They are heroes.

This blog is normally a place where I share the small, beautiful things I see in my daily life, but today I needed to pause and reflect on the lives lost and try to envision a world where hate is no more and peace is a reality for all people across the globe.

Here are links to the GoFundMe sites that are raising money for the victims, two who lost their lives and one who is a PSU student and currently recovering in a local hospital:




127 years

An historic building (127 years old) stood here until recently. SE Belmont St. in Portland is nearly unrecognizable. This emptiness will soon be filled and it will be as if the history of this place never happened. This building was home to many things before it was torn down, but now it will be something new, unknown, and represents the change that is the new normal of this city.