127 years

An historic building (127 years old) stood here until recently. SE Belmont St. in Portland is nearly unrecognizable. This emptiness will soon be filled and it will be as if the history of this place never happened. This building was home to many things before it was torn down, but now it will be something new, unknown, and represents the change that is the new normal of this city. 

Maple Tree Sprouts

IMG_5231Yesterday I was walking around my neighborhood and I noticed these sprouts coming out of the soil. I immediately turned to my partner and said, “Oh look, Maple Tree sprouts! You can tell because they look just like the seeds–the helicopter shaped ones you see in the fall.” But interestingly, I had never actually realized that they looked that way until I said it out loud in that moment. It reminded me that teaching others is often the best way to learn something yourself. I had know what these sprouts were, but never made the connection to how they looked until I was trying to describe it to someone else and, voila! I put the pieces together and learned something new and important about a plant that I thought I already knew quite well.